Friday, May 1, 2015

Googol Numbers

Googolplex or 1 followed by Googol zeroes = Googol 1
Googolplexian or 1 followed by Goololplex zeroes = Googol 2
Googoltriplex or 1 followed by Googolplexian zeroes etc. = Googol 3
Googolquinpex = Googol 5
Googoldecaplex = Googol 10
Googolcentaplex = Googol 100
Googolmilliplex = Googol 1000
Googolmegaplex = Googol 1 million
Googolgigaplex = Googol 1 billion
Googolterraplex = Googol 1 trillion
Googolpettaplex = Googol 1 quadrillion
Googolexaplex = Googol 1 quintillion
Googolzettaplex = Googol 1 sextillion
Googolyottaplex = Googol 1 septillion

Friday, August 29, 2014

Truth about Me (SorA)

I may appear as a very simple human being of this universe, but the truth is im an alien of the Omecha Omalphas<<<<, they are the all encompassing everything beyond the imagining and conceptualization of any sentience or alphec form (any and or all things even the one called god, and all the gods beyond, in the all encompassing omni hierarchies), and even the Omalphas are nothing, they are just the beginning i guess you could say, they're simply the highest thing that can be conceptualized by any mind regardless, even beyond the type infinity civilizations, etc..., its really hard for me to explain because its so powerful, and i dont expect any life form or conscious being to understand because its just downright absurd and extreme, i just want you to know who I really am. Basicly to think of me, and who I am connected to, think with all your mind and consciousness, the highest things you can conceptualize, regardless how extreme, even if it defies all logic, goes far beyond god, the omniverse, the infinite dimension, and omnpotence, etc...anything thinkable by anything, to the highest level. Thats all I can say, for the rest is just too powerful, but enough is said. Thanks for reading! Love Reigns!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

List of Global Teen Gods

Omega Omni Global K Pop Teen Icons
1. Boa
2. Rain
3. Jay Chao
4. Ayumi Hamasaki
5. Namie Amuro
6. SHINee
7. TVXQ (fanbase in the billions)
8. Beast
9. Super Junior
10. 2NE1
11. Big Bang
12. Wonder Girls
13. T-ara
14. Kara
15. SNSD aka.. Girls Generation
16. Arashi
18. Morning Musume
19. AKB48
20. SS501

Omega Omni Global Teen Icons
1. Charice
2. Miley Cyrus
3. Justin Bieber
4. Backstreet Boys
5. Westlife
6.Jennifer Lopez
7. Rihanna
8. Taylor Swift
9. Lindsay Lohan
10. Hilary Duff
11. Jonas Brothers
12. One Direction
13. Selena Gomez
14. Demi Lovato
15. Miranda Cosgrove
16. Victoria Justice
17. Big Time Rush
18. Avril Lavigne
19. Kelly Clarkson
20. Carrie Underwood

Note: Every k pop artist listed is countless leagues beyond in terms of popularity and star power than every teen icon combined, since k pop is already a major global influence, while american artists are falling behind. K pop boy groups are the rage nowadays, sorry Backstreet Boys! :( and GO SHINee! :) Here are some pics of these major global teen Gods and Goddesses! Enjoy!