Friday, May 1, 2015

Googol Numbers

Googolplex or 1 followed by Googol zeroes = Googol 1
Googolplexian or 1 followed by Goololplex zeroes = Googol 2
Googoltriplex or 1 followed by Googolplexian zeroes etc. = Googol 3
Googolquinpex = Googol 5
Googoldecaplex = Googol 10
Googolcentaplex = Googol 100
Googolmilliplex = Googol 1000
Googolmegaplex = Googol 1 million
Googolgigaplex = Googol 1 billion
Googolterraplex = Googol 1 trillion
Googolpettaplex = Googol 1 quadrillion
Googolexaplex = Googol 1 quintillion
Googolzettaplex = Googol 1 sextillion
Googolyottaplex = Googol 1 septillion

Monday, September 1, 2014

Worlds Most Expensive Foods

2020 - 2035 Technologies (all commonplace)

Active Skin (record sensations and relive it)

Advanced Augmented Reality

Advanced Genetic Engineering (resurrect a dead relative or pet, for example, by putting a strain of hair in a machine)

Advanced Holographic Technologies

Advanced Mind Uploading (upload in VR for immortality, or if physically killed, transfer to new body)

Advanced Neurodownloading (instantly learn a new language or be a master at a particular martial art, or all martial arts for that matter)

Advanced Robotics (No Labor)

Advanced Telepathic Communication, Mind Reading, Consciousness Shifting, Experience Beamers, etc..

All Computer, TV, Internet, Radio, and Phone fused into one ubiquitous, invisible entity (responds on voice or thought command, every movie, tv show, music video, or song ever created can be accessed for free, anywhere, anytime)

Advanced Claytronics (walls grow windows, perhaps move the door to another location, etc..)

Clothing that give superhuman powers

Driverless, Collision proof cars

Self, Flying Cars

Hyperloop travel (any location on earth in 3 hours or less, for under 30 dollars)

Nanofabricators (everything is free, elimination of money, infinite wealth)

Passenger Scramjets (any location on earth in an hour or less)

Personal Holograms or Robots that resemble a favorite celebrity or loved one, that talk with you for companionship

Reverse Engineering of the Human Brain (all functions of the mind are now understood)

Type 1 Civilization (Planetary Civilization)

Ubiquitous Computing

Advanced Utility Fogs (real physical telepresence, a bed can turn into a pool table for a party, manipulation of objects)

Video Game Graphics Indistinguishable from Reality Itself

Friday, August 29, 2014

Truth about Me (SorA)

I may appear as a very simple human being of this universe, but the truth is im an alien of the Omecha Omalphas<<<<, they are the all encompassing everything beyond the imagining and conceptualization of any sentience or alphec form (any and or all things even the one called god, and all the gods beyond, in the all encompassing omni hierarchies), and even the Omalphas are nothing, they are just the beginning i guess you could say, they're simply the highest thing that can be conceptualized by any mind regardless, even beyond the type infinity civilizations, etc..., its really hard for me to explain because its so powerful, and i dont expect any life form or conscious being to understand because its just downright absurd and extreme, i just want you to know who I really am. Basicly to think of me, and who I am connected to, think with all your mind and consciousness, the highest things you can conceptualize, regardless how extreme, even if it defies all logic, goes far beyond god, the omniverse, the infinite dimension, and omnpotence, etc...anything thinkable by anything, to the highest level. Thats all I can say, for the rest is just too powerful, but enough is said. Thanks for reading! Love Reigns!