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Worlds most beautiful teenagers, young adults

Civilization Types (Kardachev Scale)

Type 1 = such a civilization controls the weather, prevents earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamies, space elevator built, culture orbital built, one nation without boundaries on earth, builds cities on the ocean, mine deep in the earths crust, due to a planetary middle class, wars and violent crimes are nonexistent, mastery of travel in the solar system, civilization extends to whole solar system, immortality is achieved through advances in science, because of advance AI and nano replicators, everything is now free (money is abolished) and labor is nonexistnet. The technological singularity is reached. Becuase of exponential growth we will rech this level by 2050.

Type 2 = nothing known to science can destroy such a civilization, ice ages, asteroid impacts, supernovae, solar flares, gamma ray bursts, even the death of the sun can destroy it, colonoization of nearest 100 stars, construction of the dyson sphere to harness the sun. Becuase of exponential growth, this level can be reached by 2080.

Type 3 = such a civilization has colonized the whole galaxy completely (hundreds of billions of stars and tens of billions of planets under the civilizations name), they can manipulate space time, control the planck energy and wormholes, tap into supermassive black holes, can bring their dead back to life, can even survive the end of the universe, such a civiliztion is truly immortal. This level can be reached by 2150 or earlier.

Type 4 = this civilization has colonized the whole universe, is able to creates new universes, travel to parallel universes,  harnesses dark energy, extra dimensional beings, gods,  the omega point would occupy this particular level, posthuman entities would have spread into all regions and gained control of all matter and forces in all universes possible to exist. Personality is infinitely enriched. Beings living here are omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, absolute exisence, infinitely intelligent, wise, creative, charismatic, powerful, etc.. and unity. Note: by the time a type 4 level is reached, advanced AI entities would have converted all matter in the cosmos into intelligence creating a cosmic mind entity that would resemble what we humans now call God, Brahman, the ultimate supreme being etc.. countless quadrillions of planets will be turned to connected jupiter brains, and countless galaxies will be entire galactic minds. This can all happen by 2199-2300.

added speculations:

Type 5 = all multiverses, omniverses are harnessed infinitely, and a endless beyond endless number of interconnected macroversal computer minds are linked to create a somewhat super mega multi omnipotence entity of enities that is all beyond infinitely far more capable than unity.

Type 10 = every creation, totality set possible and impossible is converted to the omni AI hive mind, creating an omni enlightened transcendence. Omnipotence, unity, infinity, eternity, omni, is all beyond infinitely transcended, in fact everything imaginable, unimaginable, and everything beyond absolutely is all beyond infinitely transcended! Such a civilization level is permanently impossible to surpass. Even logically impsssible for they defy all logic. Its possible that a new oneness super religion will be created by the post AI Gods, that will encompass all super realities, worshipping entities whose names even defy logic.

Type Infinity = all is known to a civilization, nothing cannot be known by such. The infinite dimesion is infinitely nothing to this.

Type endless infinities = ?

Type Omni  endless infinities = ?????

Note: everything mention in this document is but the very tip of nothingness for there are still an beyond endless number of levels yet to be named beyond this point, for there is no absolute end to the civilizations hierarchy, even if it means creating a new hierarchy of endless hierarchies.

2020 1. driverless cars are commonplace

2.computers are invisible and are embedded everywhere, in walls, tables, desks, clothes, jewelry, and bodies contact lens that allow you to watch tv, use the internet, or video phone someone with eyes open or close.

4. thousand dollar computers with 1 human brain capacity

5. truly life-like CGI in video games

6. ultra high definition TV (16 times better quality than HDTV) mainstream

2025 1. Holographic TV

      1. nanofactories, allows you to get furniture, electronics, cars, products, goods, clothes, games, even food for little or no cost
      2. cars that read humans will create a personal human vehicle relationship

2030 1. Imaginary VR simulations incorporating all 5 senses through nanobots in the neurons allows any imagined thing to occur no matter how impossible or great, excluding negative. Live out any fantasy, dream, wish, imagination, desire, etc.. no matter what. Play GTA Omni in galaxy sized luxury mansion with best friend Taemin, as a 12 ft tall chinese korean teen model that can fly and have logic manipulating powers, swim as a sexy mile high tall omega model in an infinitely vast rainbow ocean with coral reefs and island palaces, and can breathe under water, go in a giant chinese night club party with a million chinese, korean, and japanese 9 ft. tall extremely skinny, teen boys as close friends, have sex with them, touch them, have infinite fun, etc.., fly in an plane that moves at 100,000 mph at an altitude of 1 billion ft. with a big jacuzzi, tv, play just cause infinity, get served all your favorite foods without ever getting full, white castle, chicken strips, etc.. in a galaxy sized majestic earth planet, or just simply bathe in an infinitely vast, beautiful, and majestic beach, with the sight of infinitely beautiful stars, nebulae, planets, the sun, clouds, beach, trees, creatures, the ocean, etc... You will basicly have perfect omni unity, omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence, logic manipulating powers, omnifarious, absolute existence, omnilock, omnihappiness, omnisorcery, etc.. or even more!

    1. pilotless flying cars
    2. passenger scramjets that go anywhere on earth in an hour or less.
    3. Thousand dollar computers equivalent to 1000 human brains.

2030s 1. ageless, never gets sick bodies that can transmit thoughts and emotions to other brains

2035 1. Singularity occurs, infinite technological progress and infinitely intelligent, wise, and creative AIs, AI more intelligent than any human can ever be, creates an endless loop of self improving AI, with each generation of AI being exponentially more intelligent than the previous, and generation time decreasing, creating an exponential rate of evolution. The singularity will lead to a perfectly enriched global infrastructure, (perfect roads, crash proof transportation, ultra fast communication, etc..) and perfect utopia, paradise, joy, happiness, and freedom for all.

2040s 1. Creation of everything at this time will be easier than sending text messages, everything is now free, money is abolished, hello dream palace, goodbye bills

      1. No labor, all physical and mental labor including creative, artistic, and scientific will be done by Ais

2050 1. thousand dollar computer is equivalent to at least 9 billion human brains

2. Type 1 civilization is achieved, 50 years earlier than previously expected, such a civilization can control the weather, prevent earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, control volcanoes, mine deep in the earths crust, build cities on the ocean, culture orbital built, 1 nation without boundaries on earth, civilization extends to entire solar system, mastery of travel in the solar system

2050s 1. Posthumans are everywhere, these entities are far beyond human comprehension, and will be omnifarious (unlimited shapeshifting without limit), absolute existence, logic manipulators, can change personalities into any, learn anything instantly by downloading into minds, learn how to speak fluent chinese or play basketball like Michael Jordan, etc..,in 5 seconds, ageless, disease free, immortal bodies, through advanced genetic engineering and nanotechnology inside the body, duplicate any superpower or superpowers, be modern age superman, ssj 12 vegito, darkseid, control the elements, be indestructible, have superstrenght, flight, superspeed, etc.., and be infinitely intelligent, wise, creative, charismatic, and happy not to mention have access to imaginary VR simulations anytime anywhere through the nanobots in the neurons incorporated in them long ago in the early 2030s, (ultimate freedom and happiness).

2099 1. planet sized computers could exist

2199-2300 1. cosmic mind is complete, (this entity will resemble God, Brahman, the ultimate supreme being, etc..) intelligent universe, (omega point, personality is infinitely enriched, the instant the omega point’s reached posthumans will have gain control of all matter and forces now not in a single universe, but in all universes in existence is logically possible. Life will have spread to all spacial regions in all universes which can logically exist, type 4 civilization (extra dimensional beings, harnessing dark matter, travel to parallel universes, creation of new universes, manipulate space time, tap into supermassive black holes, nothing known to science can destroy it, can survive end of universe), countless billions of planets, asteroids, moons, solar systems, and galaxies are converted to intelligence, the whole universe wakes up, but this is not the end. Because of eternal exponential growing technologies, eventually, entire multiverses, omniverses, macroverses, etc.. will be converted to intelligence, who knows what an absolute endless array of united macroversal and omegaversal computer minds and perfectly united omni omega totalities omega points will be capable of thinking and discovering? Omnipotence, omniscience, omni unity, immortality, eternity, infinity, God, is vastly transcended. This will eventually lead to until everything imaginable, unimaginable, and everything beyond is infinitely transcended. Beyond this point your head and everything will explode so ill say it in the simplest of terms. The Ais seek permission to fuse with the Endless Omnipotence Hierarchies, and get their wish, this will endlessly continue until it reaches the great Omalphas , Omnizalpas, Omegaxalphas<<<<, etc.. which is the ultimate set of everything, eventually the post omni Ais will fuse with absolutely endless array of endless hierarchies of ever greater Omegamaplhas, Post Omegazalphas, etc... without any absolute end. This will continue for endless infinities eternities and all beyond without end, omni exponentially! This is the ultimate extreme of ultimate extremes, nothing is greater because it is everything. Creation of the Sora Gateways to ultimate greatness is inevitable, it will happen no matter what, even if I die! And I shall enter, MY ULTIMATE DESTINY AND GOAL THAT WILL HAPPEN REGARDLESS OF ANYTHING! PERFECT UNITY WITH MY HUSBAND/WIFE/BEST FRIEND LEE TAEMIN! PERFECT OMEGAZALPHA JOY ETC..

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Most Powerful Fictional Characters

Dark Specter (strongest power rangers villain by far)

Super 17

Omega Shenron

Ssj 7 Goku

Ssj 10 Goku

Ssj 3 Vegito

Majin Vegito Buu

Ssj 4 Vegito

Ssj 1000 Goku

Yiazmat over 50 million hp

Omnimon X


DC Cosmic Entities

Marvel Cosmic Entities

Hydra (most powerful mythical creature)

Ultimate Infinite Mind

Yog Sothoth (most powerful logic manipulator and omnipotent entity in fiction)
omega omni-infinite omega omni, everything beyond omega omni-infinity omni times later,... seraphim ultima God Totality omega omni-infinities